the connection iv

“The Connection” is a night of art, music, and fellowship that highlights the many talents of local Detroit artists. Musicians will perform live as artists display pieces of their work throughout the evening. Proceeds from this event will help create multiple scholarships for Detroit high school seniors. General Admission tickets includes drinks and light refreshments.

[In 2018] Thanks to you, we were able to raise $5,000 in scholarship funds! Providing 5 local high school students $1,000 a piece for their college education!


Creating what we want to see.

art. music. fellowship.



‘The Collab’ is a community outreach and empowerment organization that aims to positively impact the Metro Detroit community through scholarship, mentorship, fellowship, community activism, as well as social outreach. As an organization, we strive to advance the community to create a better tomorrow for future generations.


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next time you party,
you better hope you’re partying
with the collab
— Attendee